How can Bitvast help you?

Why use OTC?
Our service is specially designed for large-volume transactions. In addition to strong liquidity, it is also less affected by the market and simple to operate. It can be used to execute large transactions immediately after getting a quote, without having to bear the uncertainty associated with price fluctuations and increase or decrease in demand.
You can make good use of our market expertise to execute the best investment strategy, benefit from the liquidity of OTC and conduct large transactions with different units through our network. We can provide you with excellent privacy and reduce information leakage. In terms of operation, you can treat Bitvast as your single counterparty through a simple settlement process, and settle after each transaction. No advance payment is required. Unlike most OTC service provider, we do not have transaction and withdrawal limits.
How to trade with Bitvast?
When and where do you trade?
What are the cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies traded?
How about the transaction cost?